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Kelly & Tommy

Kelly and Tommy are two teachers who love all things related to Comic Books and Science Fiction!


Brand Ambassadors

Elena Sorce

Instagram @elena_strikes


Meg Foley

Meg is an actress and cosplayer - and sometimes the two are not mutually exclusive! She has always been performing since she was a baby and has been making costumes since she could hold a needle without poking herself (she still does). Meg is an avid nerd and in love with Harley Quinn, Game of Thrones, Overwatch and much more. She is most known for her favorite cosplay thus far - her Captain Marvel/Carol Danvers. Meg hopes to use her influence to open a line of communication on mental health awareness! Her favorite product (so far) is the Mother of Dragons candle! This Khaleesi lights it when needs to feel powerful.

Follow her at: Instagram @megarahopecosplay


Alex Holbrook


Alex is an actor by trade but when off the stage she is an all around geek. She loves Game of Thrones, Once Upon a Time, and practically every single Broadway musical in existence. Alex loves to cosplay characters that are not popular cosplay picks. Her favorite "out of the box" type cosplay would have to be Carrie White, while her favorite mainstream cosplay is Margaery Tyrell. She looks forward to debuting more lesser known characters in the future. Her favorite product, like any Game of Thrones fan, has to be the Dragon Egg Bath Bombs!
Follow her at:  Instagram @regalreigncosplay

Catie Matteucci

Catie is an actor, cosplayer, streamer, and artist. She just loves to create! You can hang out with her when she streams on her Twitch page as she plays a variety of different games. She loves to create her cosplays and can’t wait to debut her next one. She loves to cosplay her favorite villians and strong women. Her favorite cosplay so far has been Jessica Jones! Her favorite villain (that she can’t wait to cosplay one day) is Loki! Her favorite product is, of course, The God of Mischief candle!

Follow her at:    Instagram: @thegiftedfaker       Twitch Page: twitch.tv/giftedfaker


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